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Finnjävel Salon

In Finnjävel Salonki (Finnjävel Salon) believes in the refined, relaxed indulgence of fine dining. In addition to outstanding cuisine, wines and beverages, the restaurant provides its guests with an enchanting atmosphere.

Salonki serves traditional Finnish food that has been passed down through the generations, bringing these national dishes and local delicacies to the modern day.

The restaurant has been nominated one Michelin-star.


Inari serves new wave Helsinki cooking. Chef Kim Mikkola has designed a delicious, innovative and surprising tasting menu of fifteen courses following a unique combination of local culture with Asian influences.

The restaurant has been nominated one Michelin-star.

Restaurant Palace

Established in 1952, Palace has always been a pioneer of Finnish gastronomy. It was the first Finnish restaurant to receive a Michelin star in 1987. With views over the city and its seascape, the restaurant is located on the 10th floor of a historically significant building that was originally constructed to mark the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki. Today, the Palace kitchen is headed by Chef Eero Vottonen who, together with his team, aims to create an innovative yet sophisticated Nordic dining experience.

The restaurant has been nominated one Michelin-star.

Restaurant Ora

The small, 23-seat restaurant Ora opened in Huvilakatu in August 2017. Run by chef Sasu Laukkonen, the restaurant has dedicated its menu to locally produced and seasonal food, fine dining made with a modern touch. A several course menu is served during dinner.

The restaurant has been nominated one Michelin-star.


The idea behind Grön is to create tasty, focused, plant-based and inspiring food that concentrates on high-quality ingredients. The food is based on seasonal, organic and wild ingredients as well as Scandinavian produce. What grows now in nature determinates the menu.

The restaurant has been nominated one Michelin-star.

Restaurant Olo

Olo is a modern Nordic gourmet cuisine restaurant at the heart of Helsinki. Olo's kitchen represents the modern Nordic cuisine, where traditional raw materials of the North are well-respected. The cuisine aims to offer clarity of design and generous flavours as known from our grandmothers' times. The menu follows the yearly cycle of the Nordic nature, bringing to the table only what is at best at a given time. The natural and clean flavours of land and sea reign in Olo's kitchen.

The restaurant has a Michelin-star since 2011.

Restaurant Demo

Restaurant Demo, opened in 2003, is a dynamic, food driven restaurant that focuses on the elegance of cooking and a unique dining experience. This down-to-earth restaurant has been granted a Michelin Star since 2007.

Demo's passion and dedication to food with its laidback integration gives customers an exciting evening every single time. The chefs innovate a well-thought daily six or seven course menu using the best seasonal ingredients and produce available.

The restaurant has been nominated one Michelin-star.