Manna is a small Korean restaurant located in Punavuori, serving bibimbaps (vegetarian-, fish- and meat versions)

Kalaliike Marja Nätti

Kalaliike Marja Nätti fishmonger has offered wonderful seafood delicacies from carefully selected partners since 1974. Marja Nätti's counter is a real treasure trove for the food lover, tempting customers to sample the more exotic varieties of fish and shellfish.

Most of Marja Nätti's ready-made dishes are prepared on the premises, from the blinis of nationwide fame to a range of pies and seafood salads.

There's another Kalaliike Marja Nätti shop at Hakaniemi market hall.

Kalaliike Marja Nätti

Marja Nätin Kalaliike fish shop and its cafe Katiska offer a large selection of fish and seafood as well as delicious sweet and savoury pastries, pies and meals from the new menu. Also a vitamin bar with freshly squeezed juice.

There's another Marja Nätin Kalaliike shop at the Old Market hall in Eteläranta.