Kalliola Summer House

Enjoy Finnish sauna and the atmosphere at Kalliola Summer House at Laajasalo. The sauna is located by the sea side, just a metro and bus ride from the city centre.

The public sauna hours are in summer season, please see webpages or contact Kalliola Summer House for more information.

Bring your own towel and drinking water.

Maunulan ulkoilumaja - Maunula hiking lodge

The café at the Maunula hiking lodge is known for its home made delicacies, eg. doughnuts, buns and gluten-free delicacies. The sauna is open for public on Wednesdays, why not have a sauna after a run on the trails in the nearby area. From Maunula hiking lodge you also reach the running-/skiing trails at the central park recreational area.

There are also events organized at the Maunula hiking lodge.

Oittaa recreational area

Oittaa recreational area, located at the southern end of Lake Bodom, offers multiple possibilities for outdoor activities.

In winter season Oittaa recreational area offers (weather permitting) cross country skiing trails, ice skating, snow shoeing, mountain biking trails and ice swimming. The sauna at the old barn is heated daily during winter season, in summer during weekends.

In summer the beach by the Bodom lake at Oittaa is one of the most popular ones in Espoo. In the area you can also find a frisbee golf course, a beach volleyball field, a permanent orienteering course and an Angry Birds-playground.

From Oittaa recreational area it is also possible to reach Nuuksio national park and Luukki recreational area via outdoor- and nature trails.

The restaurant at Oitta offers tasty and healthy treats as well as lunch. And there's an equipment rental here as well.

Villa Furuvik seaside sauna

Villa Furuvik, a conference and banquet villa located close to the sea, offers public sauna hours in their sauna. The sauna hosts approx. 12 persons at a time. It is also possible to have a swim, ice swimming in winter, while the sauna is located right by a sheltered, sandy beach.

Villa Vuosanta

Villa Vuosanta, a conference and banquet villa located close to the sea, offers public sauna hours monthly at their woodheated log sauna. Possible to swim in the sea, while the sea is open.

Sauna dates can be found on the Vuosanta webpages.