Located in Töölö and founded in 1992, Floranna's strengths have always been strong arranging skills, helpfulness, high-quality flowers and a wealth of ideas.

MU Filosofia Flower Studio & Tearoom

MU Filosofia is a creative space for contemporary floral design and authentic tea experience. Located in the protected arena building designed by architect Lars Sonck, MU Filosofia provides a vibrant and pleasant environment in the lively atmosphere of Hakaniemi square neighbourhood.

Based on the philosophy and core value, MU Filosofia offers contemporary floral installation that reflect on the concept. Besides traditional floral installations, MU Filosofia is keen towards creating unconventional, site-specific floral installation, which is not only a decoration, but also a meaningful, live being that interact and communicate with the space and the people.

Other than floral service, MU Filosofia has a tearoom specializing on offering high quality tea and customized, casual tea-ceremony on and off the venue. All the teas MU Filosofia offer are carefully selected from small, ethical tea farms in Taiwan, Japan and China.

MU Filosofia brings the refreshing, relaxing, creative and calming spirit of natural landscape to a thirsty mind and body.

Rescue flower shop Kukkis

Kukkis is the first surplus flower shop in Finland, possibly in the whole world.

Kukkis receives their plants and flowers from plant supermarkets and grocery stores, where the amount of waste can be up to 40%, mostly ending up in mixed waste bins. By supporting the shop you actually concretely reduce the carbon footprint.