This is Helsinki

An aerial view of Uspenski Cathedral in winter, the Helsinki cityscape stretching into into the horizon, Helsinki Cathedral standing out from amongst the skyline in the distance. Everything has been lightly covered by snow.

Helsinki is opening up to the world, but without losing its kind heart, its emotional core of safety and hominess.

Anna Moilanen, visionary of the future

Helsinki, a secret pocket

Helsinki is a revolving door from one world to another, a secret pocket between east and west. It’s a peaceful ecosystem that evolved by the open sea, hidden from view. Helsinki is more happening than ever, yet its quietness – the utter lack of noise – is breathtaking. How can a city be so urban and so natural at the same time?

Allas Sea Pool is one of Helsinki's newest attractions and places to visit.
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A place where you can be yourself, with no filter

Everyone is free to be a part of Helsinki just as you are, to walk proudly with your own values and experiences. Try one of the many public saunas in the city – there’s no better way to get to the heart of the Finnish identity! Here you don’t need to change shoes between the market café and the opera. The stranger who Nordic walks past you on your morning stroll may well be the mayor. Helsinki is built on trust. You can walk home after a night out. The wallet you’ve lost turns up at the lost and found. You can send your child off to school alone.

Amos Rex, Lasipalatsin aukio
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The most functional city in the world

Helsinki is a compact city. The excellent infrastructure makes it nearly impossible to feel frustrated when moving around the city. It’s not unusual for locals to use the city’s exceptionally efficient public transport to go berry picking. Helsinki is for everyone, which is why our public transport has been designed to serve visually and mobility impaired passengers equally well.

In a picture postcard like scene, people are skating on the ice at Halkolaituri dock in winter. A couple of sailing ships and colourful apartment blocks are in the background.
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365 seasons

Wherever you are in Helsinki, nature is never more than an arm’s length away. Helsinki embraces the sea with 130 kilometres of shoreline. It’s for washing rugs, enjoying communal saunas, celebrating weddings and paddling – or just for breathing in the scents of the still summer night. The sea changes the scenery and colours every day, giving Helsinki 365 unique seasons. Helsinki has healthy lungs. You can rest your head on a green pillow, even in the middle of the city.

A close up on street level of two small kids crouching and lying down with chalks, about to draw on street.
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It’s only just happening

Helsinki reinterprets itself every day, constantly redefining its essence. The people of Helsinki are creating a city of pioneering openness, a sharing and collective culture. The city is being designed as a platform for everything new. Bring it experiments, creative exceptions and new ventures. Helsinki’s invitation is out, and it’s been sent to everyone – including you.

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Helsinki is a revolving door from one world to another, a secret pocket between east and west.