Playgrounds in the centre of Helsinki

Whilst on a trip to the park with daycare, a small group of kids and a carer are standing around a large tree and holding hands.
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Helsinki has many great playgrounds where kids can swing, climb, jump and run around to their hearts’ delight.

Helsinki has over 60 wonderful playgrounds where families can relax and have fun. In summertime a light lunch is even served for kids free of charge on weekdays at 12noon, so pack a bowl and spoon with you when you go!  

Töölönlahti playground

There is a great playground by the Töölönlahti bay and very close to the city centre where kids can play in a beautiful setting. The main attraction is a climbing cube, but you can also test your skills on the swings and climbing frames.  There are also many cafés and restaurants nearby. Warning: Adults too can get carried away here! 
South shore of Töölönlahti

Kaivopuisto playground

Kaivopuisto is one of the most popular, most beautiful and oldest parks in Helsinki. It has everything from green lawns to rocky cliffs, and the view to the sea is wonderful. The playground in the centre of the park is guarded by a great dragon, and a wooden owl, cormorant and kingfisher sit on their perches watching what’s going on below them. Near the playground is a giant outdoor chess area and public toilets. In summertime there are also lots ice cream kiosks!
Puistokatu 4

Tähtitorninmäki playground

At the playground on the top of Observatory Hill, where astronomers observe the stars at night, you can enjoy great views to the sea in daytime. Take with a pair of binoculars and see how many ships you can spot in the light of the day! 
Tähtitorninkatu 1 

Sinebrychoff Park

Many years ago Nikolai Sinebrychoff chose this location for his brewery and home. For his back garden he laid out a pretty geometric park complete with ponds, an observation tower, beautiful flowers and benches to sit on. Greenhouses were added later. Today Sinebrychoff Park also has a fun playground, a public toilet and the Café Fanny. 
Bulevardi 40 

Tehtaanpuisto playground

The Tehtaanpuisto park has a large and modern playground, next to which there is also a football field that is used for ice skating in wintertime. The park is located right in the centre of Helsinki so you can conveniently find cafes and snacks nearby. 

Pohjoisranta / Liisanpuistikko

In the playground in the small Liisanpuistikko park you can watch parents and children out for a walk, especially on Sundays. Opposite the playground there is a terrace bar, a café and a public toilet. From the adjacent Pohjoisranta shoreline you can cross a bridge to the Tervasaari island. Walking along the waterfront you can also admire the historic wooden ships. 
Maurinkatu 5

Bryga rooftop terrace at the REDI shopping centre

The last tip is actually not in the city centre, nor an actual park but according to our knee-high experts it can't be missed. The Bryga rooftop terrace at the REDI shopping centre has a unique playground and climbing area that you won’t find anywhere elsewhere in Helsinki. At the same time you can enjoy the scenery, marvel at the changing landscape and the new Kalasatama district, and relax on a sunchair. The playground is suitable for kids big and small, and even school-age kids will enjoy the climbing area. You can access the rooftop terrace using the lokki “seagull” elevators or from the outside via the ramps from the highway.
REDI Shopping Centre, Bryga

Remember to further explore the parks in Helsinki!

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Helsinki has many great playgrounds where kids can swing, climb, jump and run around to their hearts’ delight.