Helsinki's sustainable shopping destinations

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You already know that everything we buy has an impact, right? Be it environmental, social or economical (and that's just to start). Helsinki's numerous shops give you the chance to support what is important to you.

More and more of us are already purchasing products that are produced ethically, last as long as possible and with the option to be repaired when needed. Helsinki is home to many stores that offer responsible shopping opportunities. So, it's easy to find a store where you can make a purchase that you can definitely feel good about.

In shopping, the carbon footprint is reduced by moving beyond fast fashion and throw-away culture. In addition, producers need to be ensured fair compensation and fair working conditions. 

Here's a selection of shops that have met the Think Sustainably criteria. When browsing, you'll always spot sustainable choices by their green tab. 

Think Sustainably - what's that?

The Think Sustainably service helps everyone to choose more responsible ways of living in Helsinki, as well as enjoy the city on a sustainable holiday. It filters content from the website to suggest sustainable services, such as restaurants, shops, sights, events and accommodation. At the base of the service are tailor-made criteria for the city of Helsinki that have been developed together with the independent think tank Demos Helsinki, along with local interest groups and sustainability experts. The service is one example of Helsinki's commitment to promoting a more sustainable way of life - for everyone.

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In Helsinki there are plenty of sustainable shops that give you the chance to support what is important to you.