8 x bike shops in Helsinki

Classic Bike pyöräkauppa
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Now’s the perfect time to explore Helsinki by bicycle. Listed below are local shops where you can repair your old bike or buy a brand-new set of wheels!

Bicyclean Helsinki

The Diaz family has been serving customers at their Bicyclean Helsinki bike store for ten years already. They specialise in family cycling and bikes that are made in Europe, such as Achilles bikes from Belgium and Frog bikes for kids. You can also order bikes if they are not in stock. The shop rents city bikes for around 15 euros a day and electric bikes for 50 euros a day. You can borrow a helmet, and you also get bike routes on the house. Bicyclean Helsinki sells both new and used bikes, and you can have your own bike serviced at the shop starting from 50 euros.
Bicyclean, Luotsikatu 14

Pelago Store

Pelago is a brand that focuses on everyday cycling and has become popular among Helsinki residents. The Pelago Store offers bike models suitable for both city use and touring. It also sells bags, clothing, backpacks and other cycling accessories. Pelago bikes are designed in Finland and assembled in Poland. The brand got started after its founders observed that people like to use their recreational bikes on an everyday basis. They wanted to offer locals high-quality bikes designed for everyday use. Key considerations are a comfortable riding position and the ability to react to traffic in town, without compromising on style. Selecting the right bike begins by determining the customer’s needs now and in the future. Bicycle prices range from 675 euros upwards. In addition to Finland, Pelago bikes are sold in other Nordic countries and Central Europe.
Pelago Bicycles, Kalevankatu 32

Pelago Bicycles
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Töölön Pyörä and Classic Bike

Töölön Pyörä is a five-year-old bike shop owned by its employees and run by a cooperative with eight representatives. The shop specialises in bike repairs, and it also cells cycling equipment and parts for specialist bikes. Töölön Pyörä also assembles bikes by order. The range focuses on timeless and practical bikes, which the owners themselves use. You can also come to the store as a complete novice. Classic Bike is another bike shop in Töölö that has been an importer and dealer for 12 years. The shop specialises in bikes that are made in Europe and sustainable consumption. Its products include electric bikes by Riese & Muller and HNF-Nicolai, Danish cargo bikes by Christiania Bikes and Brompton folding bikes. Classic Bike’s specialty can be considered its unique selection: it even sells cargo bikes fitted with a freezer, among other things!
Töölön Pyörä, Linnankoskenkatu 2
Classic Bike, Mechelininkatu 15

Papa’s Bike, Larun Pyörä and Pyörähuolto.com

Larun Pyörä is a 40-year-old family business in the Lauttasaari district that is favoured by many cycling enthusiasts. In addition to its street-front shop, Larun Pyörä also has an online store and a wide selection of electric bikes. Another great bike shop on the island is Papa’s Bike, which specialises in family and city cycling. In addition to adult and children’s bikes, it offers unique solutions for transporting small ones, such as child seats by Japanese brand Urban IKI. Papa’s Bike also has an impressive selection of helmets. Across the street you will find the Pyörähuolto.com store, which specialises in electric and mountain bikes and also sells cycling outfits and shoes.
Larun Pyörä, Lauttasaarentie 50
Papa’s Bike, Lauttasaarentie 14
Pyörähuolto.com, Meripuistotie 5

BAS-Shop pyöräkauppa
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BAS-Shop in Malmi was founded by cycling enthusiasts and sells pedal, electric and kick bikes, as well as components and accessories. It also has an online store. BAS-Shop specialises in mountain bikes, commuter bikes and specialised maintenance that you can book online. Customers receive an electronic service report that covers everything that was done to their bike. The BAS-Shop website also has useful contents, such as product reviews, tyre comparisons and tips for maintaining your bike. BAS-Shop even has its own YouTube channel. This is one of the few Finnish bike shops that offers specialised maintenance services, also for mountain bike suspension components.
BAS-Shop, Vanha Helsingintie 18

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Now’s the perfect time to explore Helsinki by bicycle. Listed below are local shops where you can repair your old bike or buy a brand-new set of wheels!