There aren't too many areas only a tram ride away from the city centre with as much history, modern-day amenities, design, industry, science and art in sweet harmony with nature and outdoor activities.

Maija Itkonen
entrepreneur and developer of pulled oats, Gold & Green Foods

The name Arabianranta is most usually linked with the Arabia porcelain factory formerly situated in the area. However, the roots of Arabia go back further. The first mentions of "Arabia and the Land of Canaan" were first made as a reference to this area in 1751, more than 100 years before the Swedish ceramics company Rörstrand set up a factory there. 

The porcelain factory and the culture of design it became surrounded by has had a significant influence on the shaping of the district’s identity. The outer wall of the factory with its huge ARABIA letters and tall standing chimneys are still an unofficial symbol of the district. 

Arabianranta is officially part of Toukola. The exotic Arabia has inspired other street names around Toukola, with references to Africa, as well as Asian cities and countries. Toukola's name derives from student celebrations traditionally held in May ('touko' means the spring planting time, as well as the prefix for the month of May, 'toukokuu'). Finland's national anthem was first performed on the Kumtähti field here on 13 May 1848. 

The older buildings in Toukola are mostly wooden houses and 1950s apartment buildings. Arabianranta is a newer district constructed in the 2000s. It has been one of Helsinki's most most significant construction efforts with plenty of innovative solutions in both data networks and public art – the latter greatly facilitated by the University of Art and Design previously located right beside the former porcelain factory. 

Arabianranta is a highly communal district, with a street festival inviting visitors from also further away. While the industrial art facilities have since found new production premises elsewhere, the area has a plentiful offering for friends of design, such as shops of the legendary Finnish design houses Iittala, Finlayson and Fiskars. The lively atmosphere of the district is also kept up by the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and several other educational establishments. Also situated nearby is the open garden at the Annala Manor Park with plenty of both decorative and edible vegetative delights. 

The shoreline at the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay area composes a walking route through conservation areas for nature buffs.

Arabianranta is currently under development with plans of very high rises for Helsinki standards. The district has always followed modernist thinking, and its new architectural vision is yet again directed to the future. 

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Arabianranta is a district constructed in the 2000s. It is a highly communal district, which has a plentiful offering for friends of design.