Karjakaivo putdoor recreation area

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<p>Karjakaivo outdoor recreation area is located in Espoo 30 km from Helsinki, between Bodominjärvi and Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio, on the north side of Nuuksiontie road.
<p> It is a peaceful outing area with its steep cliffs, erratic boulders, mires and wetlands. In addition to the steep cliffs there is also plenty of easily accessible terrain. From the adjacent Solvalla sports academy you can access short round tours.</p>

Nuuksiontie 63

60.296371459961, 24.56040763855

Opening hours
Monday: 0:00-24:00
Tuesday: 0:00-24:00
Wednesday: 0:00-24:00
Thursday: 0:00-24:00
Friday: 0:00-24:00
Saturday: 0:00-24:00
Sunday: 0:00-24:00