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What would be more wonderful than laying on a sauna bench, enjoying the hot steams and listening to sounds of the burning wood in the stove.


Saunas are a big part of Finnish culture as well as a big part of having a relaxing fun time. Helsinki offers a wide range of public saunas that easily rise to the occasion and serve as the highlight of your evening. Public saunas in Helsinki also offer a very nice way to unwind. If city life at any point feels overwhelming, saunas in Helsinki are a stone's throw away. 

Many great new public saunas have opened in Helsinki in recent years, in addition to which there are numerous traditional saunas to choose from. It’s not easy to rank all these saunas, as each one has its own special character. There are an array of saunas in Helsinki that offer a range of experiences, you have the opportunity to soak in the Helsinki archipelago or enjoy the luxuries a spa has to offer right at the heart of the city.

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