Tripla's Christmas Market 2021

Tripla’s Christmas Market is located on the 4th floor of the Mall of Tripla. <p>Tripla’s Christmas Market is located on the 4th floor of the Mall of Tripla.&nbsp;</p>
<p>At Tripla's Christmas market you will find:</p>
<p>Anna Koo, at Anna Koo's Christmas stand you will find decor and gift items, ceramics, towels, jewelry and Christmas season products.</p>
<p>Admiral Glass, handmade jewelry and home decor products made of glass. Each product is unique and is inspired by Lapland's northern lights.</p>
<p>Anjo Allee, Anjo Allee manufactures individual design hats and headwear for women and men. Natural materials, timeless design and local craftsmanship make the hats an ecological choice. The hats are handmade in Finland, at Orimattila Spinning Mill.</p>
<p>Arctic Helsinki, Arctic Helsinki puts unique handcrafted products at your fingertips. At Arctic Helsinki, you will find one of Finland's widest selections of gloves, unique wool products and changing special products, such as various hats and wallets.</p>
<p>BioRex, Christmas movie ticket packages now on sale at Kulttuuriaukio - 2 x Christmas ticket 25.00 € (incl. Gift card + envelope), 4 x Christmas ticket 45.00 € (incl. Gift card + envelope), 2 x Christmas combo 8.00 € (incl. 2x 1.5l popcorn + 0.4l tap drink).</p>
<p>Felis, is a Finnish online store and an official retailer of Kuba &amp; Leia products. All products are ethically manufactured, tested and safe. K&amp;L products are made to last a long time and are made only from the best materials without compromising on quality.</p>
<p>Salpakirja, Salpakirja has a wide range of novelties and classic novels.</p>
<p>Pullabiili, Patisserie Teemu Aura's Pullabiili is a café-confectionery in the Helsinki metropolitan area full of fresh baked goods. During the winter season, the Pullabiil Obelix can be found at the Mall of Tripla, at Cultural Square. The basic selection of pullabiili includes fresh bread, handmade buns, croissants, macarons and cake pieces, which can be enjoyed with coffee, tea and refreshments. Pullabiili is also available in products baked from gluten-free and vegan ingredients. A touch of seasonal food is always added to the tastes.</p>
<p>Mall of Tripla, 4th floor, Kulttuuriaukio Square</p>
<p>19.11.-23.12.2021 daily 11.00-19.00</p>
<p>Free entry</p>
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