Photography exhibitions Peter Strebel: First snow in October, photography and Sam Jamsen: On the Edges - Reunoilla, Photos of Apulanta

After midsummer two exhibitions can be seen in Book Gallery Laterna Magica. <p>After midsummer two exhibitions can be seen in Book Gallery Laterna Magica. Exhibitions open with a reception on Tuesday June 28th from 5-7 PM and can be viewed in their galleries until July 16th 2022. <br><br>Peter Strebel: First snow in October, photography<br><br>Night time snow storm turned the mountain view into a white fairytale land. The sun shining through the clouds gave the snowy plants a fresh white shimmer. The sun made the snow smelt slowly so that while photographing the scene changed constantly. The snow stuck into the plants acrobatically and dropped slowly to the ground when it melted and created natural graphic elements. Japanese ink paintings have had a great influence on their photographic practice. The circle completed with the choice of the printing material. Every sheet of paper is handmade in Japan.<br><br>The photographer was born in Switzerland in 1950 and trained there as a mechanical engineer. For over a decade they had been an amateur photographer and on settling in Finland in 1983 they turned professional. The photographer studied artistic photography by attending many seminars and courses given by top photographers. Most of all they have been influenced by Eikoh Hosoe (Japan), Mario Cresci (Italy) and André Gelpke and Floris M. Neusüss (Germany). In the course of their career they have done many sets of photographs on specific themes that have been exhibited in various European countries.<br><br><br>Sam Jamsen: On the Edges - Reunoilla, Photos of Apulanta<br><br>On the Edges - Reunoilla is an exhibition of photography by Sam Jamsen who has worked with the Finnish rock band Apulanta since 2015. Jamsen has photographed the band for record covers, posters and other promotional material. Jamsen's work gives us the chance to get a close look at the charismatic group that is one of the most popular bands in Finland.<br><br>Sam Jamsen is Helsinki based director, photographer and visual professional who has worked within visual arts for 25 years. Originally from Kuopio Jamsen has been awarded multiple times and his clients include both listed companies and top musical artists. <br><br>Book Gallery Laterna Magica<br>June 29 - July 16 2022, opening with a reception on July 28<br>Open from 17 to 19 o'clock<br>Free entrance<br></p>
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