Cafe Barock: Tuulen tiet

Bravade recorder quartet's 15th anniversary concert <p>Bravade recorder quartet's 15th anniversary concert</p>
<p>The Tuulen tiet concert is a versatile collection of music from the Bravade recorder quartet's 15-year journey. The red thread of the program is a geographical cross-section from South to North. The journey begins with Italian medieval and renaissance music, passing through the courts of England to Finland.&nbsp;</p>
<p>In the end, the roads of the wind will take you to the landscapes of the cathedrals of Central Europe and the great composers of the Baroque era. The concert will also feature contemporary Japanese music as a memory from Bravade's Japan tours. The northern breeze will be brought to the program by a piece composed for Bravade in 2020 by Sid Hille and the Swedish Polska as Bravade's own arrangement.</p>
<p>Bravade Recorder Quartet:</p>
<p>Sunniva Fagerlund</p>
<p>Paulina Fred</p>
<p>Hanna Haapamäki</p>
<p>Hanna Paatelma</p>
<p>Kalliosali Hall</p>
<p>6.9.2022 doors at 19.00, showtime at 20.00</p>
<p>Tickets 10/15€ from Holvi Shop</p>
Pengerkatu 11

60.184277, 24.957638
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