Café Barock: Oh Sister, Haste With Me To The Sea

Café Barock at Universum: Oh Sister, Haste With Me To The Sea <p>Café Barock at Universum: Oh Sister, Haste With Me To The Sea</p>
<p>Music of the Middle Ages has often been preserved in beautiful manuscripts that were both slow and expensive to produce. Among the best-known are the 13th-century Cantigas de Santa Maria ascribed to Alfonso X “The Wise”, King of Castile and León. The role of this enlightened sovereign who encouraged cultural exchange between Christians, Jews and Muslims is not known for certain, but Cantigas d’Amigo, “Friend Songs” consisting of 500 poems were also collected alongside the Cantigas de Santa Maria.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Amor Céu have compiled a programme from both collections, placing the troubadour Martin Codax in the leading role in seven Cantigas d’Amigo. His songs are secular, often love poems, and the narrator is most often a woman. Amor Céu crystallises its concert in Mia irmana fremosa – “Oh sister, haste with me to the sea”.</p>
<p>Amor céu:</p>
<p>Aino Peltomaa, voice, harp, bells and percussion</p>
<p>Anna-Maaria Oramo, voice, clavisimbalum</p>
<p>Eira Karlson, voice, fiddle</p>
<p>28.8.2022 at 15.00</p>
<p>Voluntary fee, duration 1 h 30 min</p>
Perämiehenkatu 13

60.15962, 24.9343
Offers: is free
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