Wine in the Woods - Red wine tasting

2 hours
98 - 118 €

<p>Wine in the Woods is a two-hour exploration into a world, where wine and forest meet. Our expert guides will take you on a new type of journey through flavours and aromas in our wine bar in the middle of the woods. After a short walk on a nature trail your senses will be attuned to our woodland surroundings helping you to get a deeper impression of the carefully selected wines. The forest’s al fresco tasting area - which lives and breathes by the seasons - is every time a slighty new version of itself, as it is decorated by sunlight and natural foliage. The tastes and smells of the wines and the forest will come alive through the stories binding them together.</p>
<p>We are proud of this creation where wine is more than just wine and you can taste more than plain flavours in it. We pour rain, bonfire smoke, mist and nightless night in your glass. </p>

Nuuksiontie 84
60.2937108, 24.557039547569
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