Traditional Fishing on Ice

Sofia fishing with nets on ice of the Baltic Sea.
The biggest catch of the day - a pike perch
Ice fishing with nets is a veritable outdoor activity
Checking the fishing nets in a moonlight
Ice fishing with nets in a sunny March day
4 hours

<p>Do you wish to experience winter in a unique way? Traditional fishing on ice with nets is a special, rare activity, a culture slowly disappearing. We offer it in December-March depending on the ice and weather conditions. Ice fishing in winter 2021-2022 was a great success! </p>
<p>This trip takes place on the frozen Baltic Sea, about 1 km from the coastline. We either walk or alternatively ski (slowly) to the destination. The nets (in total some 120 m long…) are placed under the ice! Quite amazing, isn’t it! You will learn how this is done. The nets are checked 4-5 days interval. If you join the day when the nets are checked, you will see step-by-step how the nets are pulled out from the icy water and the fish are collected from the nets. If you wish, you can try yourself! </p>
<p>This is a veritable outdoor activity. It is amazing feeling to be on ice. All that space around you, allowing you to see far away. Not only that. Guess who is observing you? White-tailed Sea Eagle(s), waiting to get some fish!</p>

60.107236, 24.655355
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