The Cellar in the Forest

Find edible herbs and berries from the forest
Learn and taste some of the best mushrooms
Pick as many blueberries as you can find
Find wildherbs with Taiga Times
You can make lingonberry-jam from your handpicked lingonberries
5 hours
125 €

<p>The Cellar in the Forest takes you on a journey into the kitchen of Mother Nature: a kitchen that is ever-growing and always organic. Join this foraging tour to Nuuksio national park and learn what to pick and eat from the forests!</p>
<p>The forests in Finland supply families with a wide variety of ingredients that are changing with each season. You will walk in a national park with a professional wilderness guide who has studied edible herbs, berries, and mushrooms. Our foraged bounty will be enjoyed in the same way a Finn might use them. This can include sprucing up a salad, creating a creamy mushroom sauce, or even making our lingonberry jam!</p>

Mannerheiminaukio 2
60.171630786521, 24.936841955792
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