Random romances in Helsinki this spring

A woman and a man stand side by side against a stone wall in the spring sunshine.

Start your romantic date by throwing dice. Look what number you get and find the matching location from the list below!

Meiju Niskala
Author & Artist
Meiju Niskala

Meiju Niskala is a performance artist who lives in Helsinki and is passionate about interaction, public spaces, experience the world in new ways and making things better. 

If you threw a 1, head to Suomenlinna to explore the tunnels

The long and dark tunnels at the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress are great for exploring hand in hand with a flashlight. Begin with the bastion named “Good Conscience” (Hyvä omatunto), continue with the bastion named “Honour” (Kunnia), and end at the bastion “Carpelan”. Save the ghost stories about the headless officer until you are seated close together on a wooden bench by the pond in Piper’s Park!

If you threw a 2, head to Helsinki Zoo on the island of Korkeasaari to listen to the sounds of love from the observation tower

Spring romances take all forms at Helsinki Zoo. Listen to the moaning cats or the cooing doves while enjoying a romantic picnic at the observation tower that was once used by maritime pilots. Then take turns performing to each other a spring concert inspired by the roars of the monkeys and the fluttering of feathers among the birds! If the zoo is closed, you can listen to the sounds from close-by shores of Mustikkamaa.

If you threw a 3, head to the gazebo at Herttoniemi Manor to read a romantic novel

The gazebo in the Baroque gardens of Herttoniemi Manor is the perfect spot for reading, especially romantic novels. Take turns to read excerpts to each other, and delight in the beautiful words being spoken to you. If the story ends too tragically, compose a better ending immediately in the margins of your book!

If you threw a 4, head to Uutela to construct a ship of love

The creaking duckboards wind through the reeds and the hundreds of rocks along the shore heated up by the sunshine. Find a comfortable rock and set up a shipyard dedicated to love. Build your first ship out of bark and tissues that you had packed with you to dry your tears of joy. You can even spy on the freight ships docked in the nearby harbour for inspiration!

If you threw a 5, head to Observatory Hill to admire the city

Smack in the middle of the 25th meridian is the city’s oldest and most official place to admire the views. Standing on the broad observation platform, housemaids, elegant ladies and even German soldiers have stared into the distance dreaming of the future. Walk through the fragrant smell of lilacs in search of a violet with five petals. If you find one and eat it, any dream that you have just then will come true!

If you threw a 6, head to Pihlajamäki to stand on solid ground

The biggest and oldest giant’s kettle in Finland is almost 10 metres deep. When you declare your love on terrain that has taken form over 50,000 years ago, you can be sure that your love is on solid ground. If you hear the sound of bells, throw yourselves against the ground side by side and pretend to sleep if you want to avoid the giant’s spell and end up walking in dizzying circles for the rest of your life!


Rate your random experience

❤︎ Just holding hands
❤︎❤︎ A hug
❤︎❤︎❤︎ A peck on the cheek
❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ A kiss on the lips
❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ True love

You can read more about random romanticism and other tips for urban explorers in Helsinki in Meiju’s book Olet tässä (Helsinki) published by Avain in 2008.

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Start your romantic date by throwing dice. Look what number you get and find the matching location.