First of May Sailing 2022

Koe Helsinki mereltä
Lounas purjelaiva Svanhildilla
Purjelaiva Astrid purjehtii
Purjehdustoimintaan osallistumista
5 hours
30 - 60 €

<p>During the sailing we will anchor on a nearby island or in a sheltered bay to enjoy a delicious, traditional First of May lunch. All those who wish can take part in sailing activities under the guidance of our experienced crew.</p>
<p>Departure: at 11 am from Halkolaituri<br />
Return: about at 4 pm to Halkolaituri</p>
<p>The price includes a traditional First of May lunch with dessert, water, juice and coffee and tea. Alcoholic beverages are sold separately.</p>

Pohjoisranta 5, Halkolaituri
60.171443197024, 24.96183512769
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