Cycling in Helsinki: three routes

Pyörällä liikkeellä Helsingissä.
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The loveliest thing in Helsinki is the sea. Cycle through the Keskuspuisto park to Hakaniemi and along the shoreline to Kaivopuisto, and then continue onwards to Lauttasaari. Stop at terraces along the way… that’s my Helsinki.
A flea market on a sunny day in Hietalahti market square is filled with crowds, a cyclist passing by in the foreground. In the background can be seen the old cranes of Hietalahti docks.
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Speed along the “Baana” through the city centre 

Baana forms part of a 1200-kilometre network of bike paths in Helsinki that makes it easy to access all parts of the city on two wheels, from the Keskuspuisto “Central Park” to the north to the ferry harbours to the south, and from the bustling city centre to the quiet fields and forests in the surrounding countryside – even to the islands of the archipelago.

Built along a stretch of disused railway line, Baana is a pedestrian and cycling corridor that is equally popular among commuters on bike, dog owners on foot and young people on skateboards. Along the way you can stop and play table tennis or grab a soft drink from a container café.

You can speed along the Baana through the city centre from the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma to Ruoholahti. At the far end of Baana in the district of Ruoholahti you will find the Länsisatama “West Harbour”, the new residential dwellings in Jätkäsaari and the buzzing market at Hietalahti

Three people are cycling past Forum in bright sunshine on Mannerheimintie. Uusi Ylioppilaistalo can be seen on the opposite side of the street.
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Taking your wherever direction you want to go

No matter which direction you are heading in, Helsinki always offers lots to see and experience. Admire the impressive Senate Square and Helsinki Cathedral in the very heart of the city and then head south to the Kaivopuisto park and relax on the green lawns while admiring the view to the sea.

If you want a hearty lunch or want to try some artisanal ice cream, pedal on over to the Culinary and Urban Culture Centre Teurastamo (the “Abattoir”) to the northeast of the city centre.

If you are more interested in seeing the nature, head to the north of the Töölönlahti bay where the bike paths will lead you through the forests of Keskuspuisto.

In the foreground a bike rests against a tree while a man stands on the shoreline in the background taking a photo of the sunset across the bay.
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Fresh sea breezes on an island tour

If you really want to get a workout while enjoying stunning scenery, head for the islands! The archipelago route takes you from Ruoholahti westwards to Lauttasaari and across the smaller islands of Kaskisaari, Lehtisaari and Kuusisaari to Munkkiniemi. The fresh sea breezes and invigorating views are guaranteed to soothe your soul as you roll along.

If you want to catch your breath, you can stop at the cool Didrichsen Art Museum in Kuusisaari and stimulate your mind at the same time. Alternatively, you can hop off your bike at the recreational island of Seurasaari. The route also takes you past Sibelius Park, where you will find the famous organ-like monument to the legendary composer designed by Eila Hiltunen.

Next to the park, down by the sea, is the cosy Café Regatta, where you can enjoy snacks and refreshments. You can even rent a stand-up paddle board there if the mood takes you! Before returning to the city centre you can enjoy a well-earned dip in the sea at the popular Hietaranta beach.

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The 1200-kilometre network of bike paths in Helsinki makes it easy to access all parts of the city on two wheels.