Berry Picking And Wildlife

Blueberries can be found all over the national park!
Forage superfoods with Taiga Times
Enjoy tasty lunch on your berry picking tour
Snack your hand-picked blueberries!
Guided berry picking tour in a national park with Taiga Times
Pick your own superfood with Taiga Times
Blueberry picking is refreshing for your body and mind
7 hours
145 €

<p>On this guided tour from Helsinki, you will explore the serene mossy forests of Liesjärvi National Park. While collecting berries, you may fill your basket with Finnish superfood such as blueberries, lingonberries and, with some extra luck, some sweet wild strawberries. </p>
<p>Highlights:<br />
• Forage and learn about the wild foods of Finland<br />
• Experience an off the beaten path national park<br />
• Enjoy a fresh Finnish-style lunch cooked over a fire<br />
• Take home your extra berries and snack on your bounty </p>
<p>This superfood is as organic as it gets and sweeter than any berry you will find in a store! The tour includes a lakeside Finnish-style lunch in the forest and you can take home your foraged berries for an evening snack.</p>

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