aMazed Games Erottaja
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<p>aMazed Games Room Escape offers the possibility to enjoy a lead role in one of the adrenaline packed and intense real life room escape games, at two different locations in Helsinki city centre. In the game the team will have to find its way out by solving puzzles, opening locks and completing tasks in one hour. The sense of time and place is lost at aMazed Games. Only locks, riddles and the joy of discovery are present. aMazed Games has invested in the visual appearance and genuine atmosphere of the rooms through production design and sound effects, and at some games also with an actor. The games last 60 minutes, but you can always try to escape earlier.</p>

Erottajankatu 7

60.164894104004, 24.944248199463

Opening hours
Monday: 0:00-24:00
Tuesday: 0:00-24:00
Wednesday: 0:00-24:00
Thursday: 0:00-24:00
Friday: 0:00-24:00
Saturday: 0:00-24:00
Sunday: 0:00-24:00