The 10 best restaurants in Finland in 2022

Ravintola Vinkkeli
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Professionals and influencers in the Finnish restaurant and food industry have once again voted for the best restaurants in the country. In the annually produced list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Finland, nine of the coveted top ten restaurants are all Helsinki-based, furthermore the list in total includes as many as 31 restaurants that can be found in the capital.

Restaurant Palace was chosen as the best restaurant by receiving the most votes from food professionals. Baskeri & Basso Bistro and Restaurant Savoy came second and third, respectively. The next places were awarded in the following order, Alexanderplats Brasserie & PubGrön, Bistro Bardot and Vinkkeli. The eighth spot this year went to a Turku based restaurant, Kaskis. Ninth and tenth spots were also rewarded to Helsinki based restaurants, Finnjävel Salonki & Sali and Restaurant Olo.

In addition to the listing, the professionals also voted on various sub-categories to see which restaurants is best within different criterias. The winners of the sub-categories are all situated in Helsinki.
The Best Food: Palace
The Best Newcomer: Boulevard Bar & Seafood
The Most Innovative restaurant: Nolla
The Best Wine list: Muru
The Best Beer selection: Nolla
The Best Service: Baskeri & Basso Bistro
The Best Atmosphere: Baskeri & Basso Bistro
The Best Classic: Savoy

Tommi Tuominen, a Helsinki-based chef and restaurateur, was voted as the restaurant influencer of the year. Tuominen is known for approaching food with a creative twist in his restaurants, Demo and Finnjävel.

The annual list and voting is implemented by the online media, Viisi Tähteä, in collaboration with Messukeskus as their main partner. The curated list highlights restaurants and the dedicated work behind them, the hardworking people, the world of ideas, excellence, food culture, service, business expertise, philosophy, ingenuity, and restaurant design management.¨

See the full listing here (in Finnish).

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In the annual list of the 50 Best Restaurants in FInland, nine of the the top 10 are all from Helsinki. Altogether 31 of the restaurants are Helsinki-based.