Best pizzas in Helsinki

Puttesin herkullisia pizzoja
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Helsinki is a bustling pizza city. The city offers a variety of pizzas that cater to all pizza lovers' taste buds whether it is an authentic Neapolitan-style classics you are after or perhaps something completely original with mind-boggling toppings. Today, high-quality and delicious pizza is as easy to find in the center as in the suburbs. With these tips from Timo Santala, it is easy to go hunting for the best pizza in town.

What is it that you are looking for; Neapolitan-style thick-edged pizzas with oodles of air pockets, thin crispy bases, Roman-style thin as a sheet pizza, pan pizza, stone cooked pizza or a plank pizza. Pizzas made with slowly raised sourdough bases and baked in hot, up to 500-degree pizza ovens that create pizza perfection in less than a minute. You'll find internationally awarded pizza masters and pizzerias that have received quality certificates from Neapolitan pizza organizations, as well as sommeliers that can find the perfect wine for every pizza. In Helsinki, a pizza lover is pampered with quality and selection, as ambition and styles are not lacking in Helsinki's pizzerias.

Versatility is also evident in the toppings: whether you swear by the puritanical approach the Italians take in sticking to classic pizzas made from carefully selected ingredients, such as margherita or diavola, or if you are more of a flavour magpie and are you interested in experimental fusion pizzas such as marinated king prawns, grilled pineapple, tōgarashi mayonnaise, coriander scampi, there are flavours to satisfy even the most peculiar of taste buds. And of course when in Helsinki, the best, most fresh ingredients the Finnish nature has to offer, can be found on your pizzas, from chanterelles to pickled chanterelles and from blueberry to wild herbs. For dessert, you can find, for example, pizza coated with Nutella and pistachio cream.

The standard of pizzerias in Helsinki is at least as high as the competition between them. There is variation in the selection, but each of the pizzerias mentioned below has found its own solid fan base and loyal customers who return again and again to their favourites whether for a casual evening out or for a comfort pizza the day after.

Where are those best pizzas in town then? Ultimately, it’s about personal preferences, but one thing is for sure - there is an opportunity for everyone to find a new favourite in this list!

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Helsinki is an excellent place for friends of pizza. Here you can find the most delicious pizzas in town.