3 modern Finnish restaurants

Seen from above, Pike perch fillets presented beautifully on a bed of creamy sauce with greens doted around the plate on a slate grey tabletop.
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These restaurants know what’s in right now in Nordic cuisine.


Spis is a refreshing change from most restaurants because it appreciates fine beers as well as wines. Despite the exclusive atmosphere, the service is casual and friendly and the food is beyond reproach. The menu is limited to only a few dishes, but each one is worth it!
Kasarmikatu 26


Kuurna is a tiny restaurant that maintains such a low profile that its name doesn’t even appear on the sign. The menu favours Finnish ingredients, such as root vegetables, grains and fish. The food is simply delicious, the prices reasonable and the service beyond compare. No wonder they don’t have to advertise!
Meritullinkatu 6


Jord is a stylish Nordic restaurant that you wouldn’t expect to find in a shopping centre, which makes it so brilliant. The imaginative and skilfully prepared dishes feature surprising ingredients, such as carrots and cabbage, and the meats aren’t just steaks but also tongue, neck and heart are cooked up!
Vironkatu 8

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These restaurants know what’s in right now in Nordic cuisine.