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Where can you find the most delicious ice creams in Helsinki, and what are the most popular flavours? Here are twelve recommendations for the best ice creams that you can taste this summer in Helsinki.

Timo Santala
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Timo Santala


Valerio Venti from Italy makes the best ice cream in Finland together with Tiina Karhu at TeurastamoJädelinö’s pistachio ice cream won the award for the best gelato (Italian artisan ice cream) at the Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival in 2018. Jädelino is also an expert in making non-dairy vegan ice creams and fresh sorbets, all of which are available in many different flavours. The ice cream bar can be found at Teurastamo. In addition to the pistachio, you should try the chocolate and the fresh berry sorbet – whatever the flavour of the day happens to be, as Jädelino features over 50 flavours of which it makes at least 12-16 different flavours a day, because ice cream should always be fresh.
Työpajankatu 2, Teurastamo

Helsingin Jäätelötehdas

The “Helsinki Ice Cream Factory” is the oldest ice cream maker in Finland, having been founded by 6 brothers from the Italian Magi family back in 1922. Back in those days, ice cream was sold from wooden carts filled with crushed ice in the city’s markets and on its streets, but these days the factory has four of its own ice cream kiosks. Three of them can be found by Kaivopuisto Park: One next to Café Carusel at Merisatamanranta, another slightly closer to the park at Kompassitori (look for the compass on the ground where the shoreline makes a bend) and the other further along the shoreline by the rug washing piers. The fourth kiosk can be found on Eteläinen Hesperiankatu in Taivallahti. Try the Maraschino cherry, liquorice, coconut and lemon flavours.

Robert's Coffee Gelato Factory 

The lemon pie mascarpone ice cream by Robert’s Coffee’s gelato master Toni Sinkkonen won the award for best ice cream of the year in the milk and cream ice cream category at the Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival in 2018, while his pistachio ice cream won the award for best vegan ice cream of the year in 2019, but my personal favourites are the carrot cake and tahini cherry. The sorbet category in 2018 was won by the blueberry-lime, which is also excellent, proving that Robert’s Coffee Gelato Factory has an impressively wide range of expertise. The actual Gelato Factory is located at City-käytävä, but Robert's Coffee's own ice cream factories also make ice cream on the Boulevard, the Jugend-sali in the city centre and on the Espoo side in Sello. In addition, ice creams are also available from Robert’s Coffee cafés, for example at Stockmann’s department store as well as at the Mall of Tripla.
Aleksanterinkatu 21

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3 Kaverin jäätelö

3 Friends Ice Cream” started out in Kontula in 2012 and rapidly gained massive popularity. It doesn’t have its own sales outlets, but ice creams are widely sold in various grocery stores, and in addition, the ice cream bars are available e.g. at Maija’s Sushi in Viikki, Puukioski Munkkiniemi and Cafe Hiekka at Kruunuvuorenranta. Try the Blueberry & Cardamom and the Chocolate & Caramel Nut Saunce, which won the award for best vegan ice cream at VegeAwards 2018, or the Pistachio & Pistachio and Chocolate Truffle, which were the public favourites at the Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival in both 2018 and 2019. Among the vegan choices, the Liquorice & Raspberry is a delicious combination.

Suomen jäätelö 

Finland’s Ice Cream” uses only Finn Cattle milk, which has a high fat content and holds a very high amount of protein as well. The result is absolutely delicious ice cream. Its Finn Cattle Milk ice cream is exquisite in its simplicity, while its Spruce ice cream has become a modern classic. Don’t forget the excellent Rhubarb Sorbet, which won the award for best sorbet at the Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival in 2019. You can ask for Finland’s Ice Cream at numerous grocery stores throughout Helsinki, such as K-supermarket and Food Market Herkku at Stockmann department store.

Vanhan Porvoon Jäätelötehdas

As its name suggests, the “Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory” are made in the nearby town of Porvoo, but they also have ice cream bicycles on the streets and in the parks of Helsinki. It’s a good thing too, because the ice creams created by Michelin-star restaurateur Samuli Wirgentius are truly amazing. The selection includes Basil & Ginger, for example, but my own personal favourite is the Browned Butter & Pine Nut.


Sergio Adler from Argentina has been making his artisan ice creams and sorbets in Finland for over ten years. He now makes everything in neighbouring Espoo, but you can find their kiosk in Helsinki at the eastern end of Esplanade in front of Kappeli. Try Caminito’s strawberry-raspberry ice cream with blueberry sauce, or its lactose-free chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Vegan options include mango and strawberry.

What's your favourite flavor at Bus Gelato?
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Ape Gelato

Ape Gelato’s bright orange moped car spoils customers with its ice creams from the Mamma Maria ice cream factory in Lahti, as well as excellent coffee. Try the fig, almond and cherry-white nougat. The selection of vegan ice creams includes e.g. Salted Chocolate and Mediterraneo ice cream with pistachio. Ape Gelato’s affogato, i.e. espresso coffee with vanilla ice cream, is heavenly. Ape Gelato's moped cars and bicycle are most likely to be found on Jätkäsaari at the end of Rionkatu, in Töölö at the end of Pohjois-Hesperiankatu, in Arabia at the intersection of Indiankatu-Hämeentie, on the Munkkiniemi Rantakatu and on weekends on the Eiraranta shoreline.


Artisan chocolate maker Chjoko also makes excellent artisan ice cream. It goes without saying that its chocolate ice creams, such as its Sea Salt-Milk Chocolate, are its specialities, but my own favorite of the flavors is surprisingly cherry basil. You should also try the lime-chili-basil ice cream called Frozen Asia. Chjoko’s own café and shop can be found on Liisankatu in Kruunuhaka, and it also has a shop on the K1 floor of the REDI Shopping Centre.
Liisankatu 9

La Gelateria

La Gelateria has its main sales outlet inside the Old Market Hall, but you can also find its ice creams at the container kiosk in Haukilahti and Gelauto that is parked near the flower stalls at the Market Square. Its classics include Bronte Pistachio, Calabria Strong Salmiakki and Peruvian single origin San Martin chocolate. Its açaí and cajá sorbets made from Brazilian fruits are even more exotic alternatives that you won’t find at any other ice cream kiosks in Helsinki. And better yet, you can bring home its ice creams in 550ml and 1100ml containers.

Bus Gelato 

The artisan chocolates made by Bus Gelato in Lahti have also found a home in Helsinki's Hietalahti market hall's Restaurant Piilo, which offers 18 different flavors from the classics to  Cheesecake-Cherry and Oven Apple. There is also an ice cream bus parked outside the Hietalahti Square, weather permitting, and you can also find their ice cream bicycles, most commonly at the Espa or Kaivari beach. Ice cream can also be found in their café, Gelato 14, on Laivurinkatu. Bus Gelato’s wide selection of vegan ice creams from Limoncello to Dark Chocolate Sorbet, which have attracted a lot of praise. Its vegan pistachio won the award for best gelato at the Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival in 2019. Ice creams can also be bought at home in half-liter and liter packs.
Laivurinkatu 37

Rolling Ice Bar

The new kid on the ice cream block offers a refreshingly different kind of ice cream: Thai-style vegan artisan ice cream made in rolls in front of the customer's eyes. The flavours worth trying at the very least include blueberry-lemon, lingonberry-cookie-caramel and apple pie-croquant. The Rolling Ice Bar’s ice cream cart can be found in Redi’s courtyard area. 
Hermannin rantatie 5


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Where can you find the most delicious ice creams in Helsinki, and what are the most popular flavours? Here are twelve recommendations for the best ice creams that you can taste this summer in Helsinki.