Art museum

The Artist House Gjutars

The Artist House Gjutars is situated in the old and idyllic Kuninkaala district in Vantaa. On the second floor of the Artist House Gjutars is an artist’s residency and on the first floor of the house is the exhibition space Gallery Gjutars and a small studio.


Kuva/Tila is the venue for exhibitions, performances and other events mainly for students, teachers, alumni and visiting artists of Uniarts Helsinki's Academy of Fine Arts.

Construction Site for a Colorful Ghost

The Construction Site for a Colorful Ghost (Peter Larsson & Ossian Eckerman, SWE, 2020), a new mural for the façade of Runeberginkatu 50, is a multimedia work, a painting that looks like a photograph of a sculpture.

It has multiple layers and multiple levels. Even though it is abstract, it is recognizable as a gesture and makes interesting use of colour. The work has a tremendous playfulness and will suit all sorts of people. It gives the site greater depth and space.

Pasila Urban Art Center

Pasila Urban Art Center, run by Helsinki Urban Art association, hosts changing exhibitions dedicated to urban art, a workshop room for graffiti and street art workshops as well as other events. Art also spreads to the areas around Pasila, which has turned into a real street art district.


Halosenniemi is the studio home of the painter Pekka Halonen (1865-1933), built in National Romantic style and situated on lake Tuusula, approx. 30 km from Helsinki.

Halonen's studio was opened to the public in the 1950s. Today the museum specialises in presenting material related to Halonen's art, his lifetime achievements and the famous artists' colony of Tuusula to which he and his friends belonged. Every year the museum hosts 3-4 theme exhibitions showcasing Halonen's art side by side with the work of his contemporaries and later generations of artists up to the present day.