Hanko Sushi Citykäytävä

Hanko Sushi - sushi from responsibly caught and farmed seafood.

The story of Hanko Sushi is written in the name. It tells where the restaurant chain came from: the maritime city of Hanko in southern Finland, where the first restaurant was founded in 2009. The name is also a symbol of the most important principle of the resturants work. Han ko is Japanese for seal, a personal stamp of quality. Hanko Sushi restaurants create all dishes by hand, on site, using only the best ingredients. This means that the dishes are always unique and come with a freshness guarantee.

Hanko Sushi offers a tasty, cosy and pleasant moment to enjoy sushi in the middle of the hectic city.

All 24 Hanko Sushi restaurants have been awarded MSC and ASC traceability certificates for sustainable fishing and responsible aquaculture. Hanko Sushi restaurants offer only sushi made from certified, sustainably fished and responsibly farmed fish and shellfish.

Sunny Bay

Chinese restaurant Sunny Bay, close to the Railway station, offers a wide selection of Chinese dishes. The lunch buffet includes both warm Chinese dishes and sushi.

Luckiefun's Freda

Luckiefun's is a popular sushi restaurant serving a sushibuffet the whole day, including also Asian style warm dishes. Luckiefun's restaurants are also located at eg. Kaivokatu, Sörnäinen, Mall of Tripla and REDI shopping centre.

Restaurant Tokyo55

Restaurant Tokyo55 was among the first restaurants to serve sushi in Helsinki when it opened in 2008. The restaurant serves Japanese fusion cuisine in European taste, as well as quality sushi.

There's also a sushi school, the Tokyo55 Sushi Academy, with both open courses and courses on request.