Rosa Izakaya

At Rosa Izakaya it is possible to taste modern house cocktails, relax with a glass of wine or enjoy a cold beer.

Izakaya is however not only about cocktails and drinks. There's a carefully selected food menu where Asian inspired classics meet some newcomers from all over the world. The food can be shared or not, it's up to you.

Restaurant Tokyo55

Restaurant Tokyo55 was among the first restaurants to serve sushi in Helsinki when it opened in 2008. The restaurant serves Japanese fusion cuisine in European taste, as well as quality sushi.

There's also a sushi school, the Tokyo55 Sushi Academy, with both open courses and courses on request.

Ravintola Makuja

Restaurant Makuja is a Japanese sushi restaurant that has been serving delicious and healthy sushi in central Helsinki since 2015. The sushi is made without additives, from pure and fresh ingredients.There are also vegan sushi options. The buffet is open every day and ready-made sets can also be ordered.

Restaurant Kamome

Restaurant Kamome brings together both Nordic-Finnish courses and the Japanese way of cooking. A unique part of the restaurants story is the connection to the wonderful movie "Kamome Shokudo" or "Ruokala Lokki," which was filmed at this location in 2006 (then still Kahvila Suomi).