On Albertinkatu it is possible to experience Tokyo's restaurant and bar culture in the Izakaya-style kitchen Shinobi which serves japanese soul food and the Ra-ryu bar.

ToQyo Food Street restaurant

ToQyo Food Street brings Tokyo's street food culture to Stockmann department store in the heart of Helsinki.

Classic dishes like noodle ramen, Bento lunch boxes, Gyudon meat stew and steamed Bao buns are all part of ToQyo Food Street's menu. The unique dishes and tastes are easy to approach, and it is possible to enjoy a fast and nutritious meal either in the restaurant or as take-away.

Tokumaru Tripla

Tokumaru is devoted to bringing the tastes of Japan closer to the foodies in the most authentic way possible. Tokumaru brings a considerable amount of the ingredients directly from Japan to offer the most authentic experience possible.

The first Tokumaru was opened in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2014. Today there are five Tokumaru restaurants in Estonia. Tokumaru Tripla is the first one in Finland.

Tokyo Street Helsinki

Restaurant Tokyo Street Helsinki, situated in the Hietalahti Market Hall, is an authentic Japanese restaurant.

Japanese food is famous for its perfect combination of colour, flavours, aromas, and texture. It's extremely harmonious and healthy with a lot of balanced nutrients and minerals in it.

The chef at Tokyo Street, who is of Japanese origin, follows these concepts strictly by preserving the original appearance and taste of the product as much as possible. The restaurant uses only fresh ingredients, making everything from scratch. Organic pumpkin oil, homemade vinegar, natural handpicked sea salt make the food unique.

Also a great selection of wines, beers and organic sake, and really fast service.

Tea Room Tokuyûan

Tokuyûan, the first traditional Japanese tea room in Finland, is located in the Virtue Bastion on Susisaari island at Suomenlinna fortress island. The Japanese tea art chadô is studied here and practised in tea ceremonies.

There are open events approx. once a month.