Skutta Ravintola

Skutta is an art and culture bistro, where nature takes place on the plate. During lunch the restaurant offers food made of seasons best ingredients as well as wild food. On Saturdays the menu consists of everything between Wienerschnitzels to comforting brunch. Also art and events.

Bistro Vilho

Bistro Vilho at Radisson Blu Plaza offers classic portions with a modern twist. The menu also complements the different Finnish gastronomic seasons and the well-loved dishes are naturally accompanied by excellent beers and wines.

Bistro Ranta

Located at the Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo, in Espoo, Bistro Ranta is a neighborhood gathering spot with excellent food, drinks and service that keep guests coming back. Bistro Ranta masters are as skilled in ensuring the guests' have an enjoyable experience as they are with a soup ladle and a cocktail glass.

Bistro Aleksanteri

Restaurant, Bistro Aleksanteri, at Radisson Blu Aleksanteri, is a lively, yet tranquil living room where the locals and guests come together. The restaurant offers tasty bistro dishes with a modern twist and the best beers and house wines. The garden terrace is open during the summer months.

Bar 10

Bar 10 is a laid-back and cozy neighborhood bar and restaurant in Kallio, with reasonable prices and big portions.

Bistro Bardot

Bistro Bardot, BB between friends, is a relaxed, characteristically bubbly, modern bistro-brasserie in the heart of Helsinki, which embraces the traditional French cuisine.

The bistro offers carefully executed food, emphasizing the quality ingredients, from morning to late night. The heart of the seasonal kitchen is the seafood from the raw bar, not forgetting the vegetables, birds and good quality meats. A seasonal selection of wines and cocktails compliment the menu.

It's also possible to just pop in for a drink at Bardot's velvety bar.

Gastrogrill Muré

Restaurant Gastrogrill Muré, by Atria -one of the leading meat and food companies in Finland, wants to bring Finnish cattle breeding to the spotlight. The meat served is always fresh and local, hand selected Finnish meat, brought only a few hundred kilometres away from the plate and can be traced back to the farm. The meat is always evaluated in three criterias: tenderness, marbling and intensity of the flavour. The dishes are complimented with the best side dishes, seasons best vegetables.