Reaktion Games

<p>Reaktion Games is a sports entertainment concept for groups. It is a complex of three different sports games with a fun tournament of an hour and a half.</p>
<p>The sports are Factory Football, Hyper Hockey and Volla Bolla (volleyball).</p>
<p>The games are suitable for participants aged 10 to 75. The tournament is intended for private groups, i.e. the games are played only among your own group. </p>

Public sauna at Jollas Manor

The public sauna at the Jollas Manor is a wood-heated sauna offering a homey fireplace, swimming opportunity in the sea and own privacy. The public sauna is available twice a week. Mixed sauna on Thursdays and Sundays plus also a separated sauna for women on Sundays. Tickets in advance online.

Kalliola Summer House

Enjoy Finnish sauna and the atmosphere at Kalliola Summer House at Laajasalo. The sauna is located by the sea side, just a metro and bus ride from the city centre.

The public sauna hours are in summer season, please see webpages or contact Kalliola Summer House for more information.

Bring your own towel and drinking water.

Maunulan ulkoilumaja - Maunula hiking lodge

The café at the Maunula hiking lodge is known for its home made delicacies, eg. doughnuts, buns and gluten-free delicacies. The sauna is open for public on Wednesdays, why not have a sauna after a run on the trails in the nearby area. From Maunula hiking lodge you also reach the running-/skiing trails at the central park recreational area.

There are also events organized at the Maunula hiking lodge.