Kielo Dance Company: HUMAN2020

Ballet and contemporary dance works and panel discussions for secondary school classes. <p>Ballet and contemporary dance works and panel discussions for secondary school classes.</p><p>Welcome to Kielo Dance Company’s two-part HUMAN2020 performance, which addresses topical issues in contemporary society: social media, freedom and gender roles. The compositions <b>Mona Lisa</b> and <b>One step from freedom</b>, which combine ballet and contemporary dance, tell their own story about the society we live in.</p><p>In addition to the compositions, HUMAN2020 also includes a workshop and panel discussion with the artists. The dancers and choreographers welcome students “behind the scenes” of artistic work, reflect on the theme of from the perspective of young people, and answer questions from the audience.</p><p>Target group: Grades 7–9<br>Duration: approx. 60 min<br>Pre-registration:</p><p><b>The newly founded KIELO DANCE COMPANY (2020) consists of nine dancers. The main goals of Kielo are to employ young and talented dance professionals, to bring on stages new points of view to contemporary dance and ballet and to discuss important social topics through the arts. The group members have culturally diverse backgrounds and want to encourage even more diversity in the Finnish dance and art scene.</b></p>
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