Salma Jama

Salma Jama

Helsinki keeps me moving

Salma is a content creator, entrepreneur and one of the founders of the Malimania-collective. The work created by both Jama and the collective showcase an emphasis on cross-border community, yet the presence of Helsinki is strongly present.

“Many people thought the images from one of our visual collaboration were from the Alps. But in fact they were the snowy cliffs of Helsinki's Kruunuvuorenranta.”

Helsinki is important because it has everything to do and a community. Jama considers Helsinki's multiculturalism as its best feature.

“This would probably make a foreigner laugh, but that’s what Helsinki looks like to me. We are a minority, but we have a connection to each other. It is important to have your own community because it brings security. ”

Born in Vantaa, Jama moved to Helsinki at the age of one, and grew up in Pikku-Huopalahti, Helsinki. Jama says she is a complete city-dweller as even a five minute delay now feels unbearable to her. Jama likes Helsinki's fast pace, as she feels she herself is always on the move.

"Helsinki keeps me moving."

Currently, Jama lives in Jätkäsaari, it is ideal location as a content creator she can quickly reach several appointments that she often encounters in her jam-packed schedule. There is some business in the city center that she has to attend on a daily basis, but yet the atmosphere at her locality makes her feel comfortable. Although Jama only moved into the area less than a year ago, a familiarity has formed amongst the neighbours, as they often greet each other and strike up a conversation. Jätkäsaari is not hierarchical, but there is enough variety. The district has a modernity and a sense of the future that Jama appreciates.

“Jätkäsaari is being built all the time, and the enthusiasm for something new is visible in people. Everyone is waiting for what the area will be like in ten years. ”

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