Tokumaru Tripla
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<p>Tokumaru is devoted to bringing the tastes of Japan closer to the foodies in the most authentic way possible. Tokumaru brings a considerable amount of the ingredients directly from Japan to offer the most authentic experience possible.
<p>The first Tokumaru was opened in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2014. Today there are five Tokumaru restaurants in Estonia. Tokumaru Tripla is the first one in Finland.</p>

Firdonkatu 2B, Mall of Tripla 1.krs

60.198715209961, 24.930725097656

Opening hours
Sunday: 12:00-18:00
Monday: 10:30-19:00
Tuesday: 10:30-19:00
Wednesday: 10:30-19:00
Thursday: 10:30-19:00
Friday: 10:30-19:00
Saturday: 11:00-20:00
Opening hours (text form)
Mon-Fri 10.30-19, Sat 11-20, Sun 12-18