Fazer Café Kluuvikatu 3

Fazer Cafe's main counter, behind the glass on display is a huge variety of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, smoothies and more. The floor and lower half of the counter are black and white marble, and several people are working behind the main service counter.
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<p>Karl Fazers French-Russian café &amp; cake shop was opened in Kluuvikatu in 1891. Now Fazer Café Kluuvikatu 3 is a modern classic café which also serves breakfast and lunch during weekdays and brunch during weekends. The Fazer Café Kluuvikatu 3 shop sells bread, pastries and cakes as well as chocolate and sweets. A part of the café &amp; shops goodies are still made in Kluuvikatu, and it is possible to see the confectioners at work behind glass.</p>

Kluuvikatu 3

60.168701171875, 24.947570800781

Opening hours
Monday: 7:30-22:00
Tuesday: 7:30-22:00
Wednesday: 7:30-22:00
Thursday: 7:30-22:00
Friday: 7:30-22:00
Saturday: 9:00-22:00
Sunday: 10:00-18:00
Opening hours (text form)
Mon-Fri 7.30-22, Sat 9-22, Sun 10-18. Shop is open Mon-Fri 7.30-18, Sat 9-18, Sun 10-18
Opening hours exception
Shop is open Mon-Fri 7.30-18, Sat 9-18, Sun 10-18